Don't Let Your Artificial Tree Get Tipsy!

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How can I make sure that my artificial tree won't tip over?

Don't Let Your Artificial Tree Get Tipsy!

Choosing an artificial Christmas tree is a task that you should put some thought into. Trees can get heavy and you'll want a tree that is fully supported and will not collapse.

You'll want to make a smart decision when it comes to the material of which the stand is composed. Is it made of plastic or metal? A plastic stand is likely to break a lot more easily than a metal one—especially under stress. Metal trees are strong, durable, and probably the smarter choice for a heavier tree.

Keep in mind that a fully lit tree will weigh a whole lot more (probably twice as much) as one without lights. Additionally, those decorations are going to pack on some extra weight. Think damage control—if children and/or pets will be around the tree you'll want to test it several times to make sure that it will not be tipped easily.



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