Tell Tale Signs of a Cheap Tree

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What should I look for in fake tree branches?

Tell Tale Signs of a Cheap Tree

It's important that you understand that all fake Christmas trees are not created equally. Although most artificial Christmas trees needles are composed of poly-vinyl, the levels of quality differ greatly. Pay attention to the length and softness of the needles and find a texture that you like. It's also a good idea to examine the branches.

  • Are the needles sparse?
  • Are there brown or darker green areas visible?

The fullness of an artificial tree is important. If a fake tree isn't full enough it will appear fake and cheap. Another aspect of cheaper constructed Christmas trees is the shape of the branches. Poorly made trees will have branch tips that are square; a branch that is sculptured or rounded will look a lot more realistic. The wire within the branches is also an important element of the tree.

If you plan on putting any kind of decorations on your tree, make sure that the wire in the branches can support it. Cheaper trees will have thinner branches that are likely to bend and break under significant weight.



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