Make an Underwater Christmas Tree

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How can I create an underwater Christmas tree?

Make an Underwater Christmas Tree

If you are lucky enough to reside somewhere that allows you to host outdoor Christmas parties during which your guests won't freeze, your decorating options are more vast.

We all know that decorating trees in your yard and hanging ribbons, wreaths and bows make for nice holiday décor but, if you have a swimming pool and want something truly unique, try this idea: Securely attach a bunch of glow sticks to an artificial Christmas tree (twisty-ties are great for this purpose). Then, anchor the tree and place it in the deep end of the pool, just make sure you buy a tree that will fall below the water level. You have now created a unique, underwater Christmas tree that will awe your guests (especially during a nighttime display).

You can be sure that they will have never seen anything like it.



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