Pump Up Your family About Tree decorating

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How can I make tree decorating fun?

Pump Up Your family About Tree decorating

Everyone knows that decorated Christmas trees are beautiful. In addition, a decorated tree will be all the more special if you get the whole family involved in the process. It's a known fact that kids can be hard to motivate so, in order to make tree decorating fun for them, it's essential that you take care to get everyone pumped up for it. Here are some great tips:

  • Build the event up by talking about it weeks ahead of time and emphasizing how important and fun the process will be.
  • Take the kids ornament shopping or allow them to create ornaments of their own ahead of time.
  • When the time arrives, announce it in a fun way; make special invitations or call everyone to assembly by singing a popular carol.
  • Make special holiday snacks to serve while everyone is busy decorating.
  • Take care not to be bossy about the process (i.e. don't tell the kids where and where not to put ornaments).



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