Make That Rotating Tree Presentable

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How can I make my rotating tree look good from every angle?

Make That Rotating Tree Presentable

Using a rotating Christmas tree stand is a great way to display every beautiful angle of that fantastic tree. The stand will slowly rotate, showing off every inch of your tree. If you're going to use a stand like this, it's important that every part of the tree is presentable; in other words, if you run out of that tinsel, don't skimp out on the back of the tree, go out and get some more. Evenly disperse your decorations and make sure that each side of the tree is equally beautiful.

*If you plan on investing in a rotating tree stand it's smart to choose a tree that's symmetrical. The easy fix to this situation is to pick an artificial tree. If you go the live route, however, pick a full, symmetrical tree like a Fraser Fir.



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