Get a Taller Tree Without Paying All the Extra Money

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How can I make my tree look taller?

Get a Taller Tree Without Paying All the Extra Money

So, you want that 10 foot artificial tree but don't want to shell out and additional $100-$200 for it? You don't have to! Here's a valuable tip to achieve that larger tree appearance without paying extra for it: Place a sturdy wooden box (about a foot tall) under your Christmas tree stand. Then, place a Christmas tree skirt over the box to conceal it.

Using this method you will be able to increase the height of your tree drastically. The best part is that it will look as though you actually did spring for the 10 footer. Manufacturers make artificial Christmas trees taller by adding larger more costly lower branches—these are likely branches you won't decorate anyway so why pay for them? *If you're worried that children or pets might tip the tree off of the box, use a metal stand and bolt it to the box (just make sure the box is sturdy). This will increase the stability of your tree.



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