Sew What?!

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How can I make a Christmas tree skirt out of a blanket?

Sew What?!

Let's face it, Christmas can get expensive. Between buying gifts, a nice tree, and decorations, most people don't really feel like splurging on things like Christmas tree skirts. Before you go off an a tangent about how you're not the sewing type, relax—I'm not asking you to learn how to sew a Christmas tree skirt!

The truth is that you don't need to be Holly Homemaker or anything close to it to pull off a great-looking skirt without picking up a needle and thread or spending a fortune. Want a tip? You really don't need a perfectly crafted Christmas skirt. In fact, you don't need a “skirt” at all. Use an old blanket that you have around the house or pick up an inexpensive blanket that matches your decorating color scheme. Then, wrap the blanket around the base of your tree. You'll save time and money and no one will ever know the difference.



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