Puppy-Proof Your Tree Base

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How can I keep the dog from drinking out of the Christmas tree base?

Puppy-Proof Your Tree Base

Everyone knows that there's nothing more appealing to a pooch than that tree stand filled with water. For some reason dogs always find the water in the base of the tree more appealing than the water sitting in their bowls. What can you do?

Well, no matter how many times you tell him “No!,” if your dog is like mine he'll likely find a way to get his snout right back into that base. There is, however, a clever solution. Buy some chicken wire mesh and cut it to fit around the base and the stand. Then secure it with twisty ties or rope.

This creation may look a little gaudy and rough but have no fear—Christmas tree skirts are the perfect solution! Drape your skirt over the chicken wire and your base is thirsty puppy-proof!



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