Give a Heartfelt, Homemade Gift

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What is a great homemade Christmas gift idea?

Give a Heartfelt, Homemade Gift

Providing someone with a great Christmas gift shouldn't have to break the bank! News flash: Homemade, economical gifts can be seen as very thoughtful and heartfelt. Why not make someone a gift that they can reuse year after year. Want a great idea? Why not try a crochet Christmas tree skirt? Before you get started put some thought into the type of person that you're creating the skirt for. Here are some questions to think about to help you better assess the type of skirt you should crochet:

  • Do they have a Christmas decorating theme you should adhere to?
  • Do they like goofy patterns or would a plain color better suit them?
  • How large of a tree do they typically have?

You want that thing to be big enough. Once you have an idea of what you want to do, print out a free pattern online. Here is a fantastic website that offers a large selection of free skirt patterns:



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