Fraser Firs--Possibly the Perfect Christmas Tree

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Do Fraser Firs make good Christmas trees?

Fraser Firs--Possibly the Perfect Christmas Tree

If you want to fill your home with the smell of Christmas, the Fraser Fir may be your best choice for a Christmas tree. These trees are among the most aromatic as they produce a strong balsam scent—the scent that is stereotypically associated with Christmas. In addition to smelling great, these trees look great as well.

They are covered with soft, 1 inch silver-green needles. There is ample space between branches creating tons of decorating space—the Fraser is a lot easier to decorate than most trees. You also won't have to worry about damaging those ornaments as thie branches on these babies are sturdy enough to hold your heaviest ornaments without bending.

*The trees usually won't be sheared as they grow in a shape that is essentially ideal for a Christmas tree. And, as long as the cut properly and watered, the Frasier Fir will maintain wonderful needle retention. Some say they're the perfect Christmas trees.



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