How to Care for Christmas Trees

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How should I care for Christmas trees?

How to Care for Christmas Trees

Here's a helpful Christmas tip. When you buy a cut Christmas tree for your Christmas celebrations, you need to check it for freshness.

Gently grab a handful of needles and see if any fall off. If they do, you need to water the Christmas tree. Cut off an inch or so from the bottom and make sure the tree is suspended in a suitable container of water. Or, you can forget all that inconvenience and just enjoy your tree instead of keeping it on life support.

Artificial Christmas trees are a great way to enjoy the beauty of a Christmas tree without the mess. And when the season is over, you won't create a trail of dead pine needles as you drag the old tree out of the house, take it to a recycling center, cut it up for firewood, or find some other way to dispose of the Christmas tree. Artificial Christmas trees will pack up neatly and stay beautiful Christmas after Christmas.



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