You Know You Need a New Artificial Christmas Tree When...

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Is it time to buy a new artificial Christmas tree?

You Know You Need a New Artificial Christmas Tree When...

Does it seem like every year you find yourself adding more and more to your artificial Christmas tree just to make it appear well, not like an artificial Christmas tree? Do you only invite friends and family over in the evening, when the lights of the Christmas tree mask the stark metal pole showing through the boughs of the tree? If that sounds like you, it might be time to start counting down the days to the next big Christmas tree sale. Here are some tell-tale signs that you need to buy a new pre-lit artificial Christmas tree:

1) You spray fake snow on the tree to cover the spots where the artificial needles have worn off.

2) You have to rig something up to keep the loosely hinged branches from collapsing onto the floor.

3) You've had to double up on the garland used to hide the gaps in the tree.

4) You stuff wads of cotton between the tree boughs to make the tree look fuller.

When you start moving your artificial Christmas tree from the front foyer to the den in the back of the house, it's probably time to consider buying a new artificial Christmas tree. Go out to the next Christmas tree sale and look for a tree that offers you more than just embarrassment. Try an L.E.D. artificial tree, or a fiber-optic tree! Throw away your fake snow and cotton balls for good. You won't be needing them anymore.



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