A Closet for the Christmas Tree

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Can I set up my artificial Christmas tree and leave it that way for the whole year?

A Closet for the Christmas Tree

Tired of putting up artificial Christmas trees year after year only to have to take it down and store it away in a few short weeks? Even though most artificial Christmas trees are easy and quick to set up, a lot of people still consider it a chore. Have you ever heard someone wish they could just set up a Christmas tree, decorate it and leave it that way. They might talk about having a special closet that they can just open the door when Christmas comes and pull out the already-set-up tree.

With a real tree, that's obviously not possible, but with today's pre-lit artificial Christmas trees or fiber optic Christmas trees, you could arrange a set up where the tree is ready to go, year after year. A few things to take into consideration include:

1) Humidity. Your artificial tree can probably withstand humidity, but your ornaments (depending on the type: cloth, homemade, etc.) may not.

2) Dust. Keeping your tree lightly covered with a light-weight breathable fabric will help keep the dust from settling within the tree branches and on your ornaments.

3) Gravity. As time goes by, your carefully fluffed Christmas tree will settle and it's going to be a lot harder to rearrange the boughs of the tree when they're covered with decorations.



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