Xmas Decorating - The Forgotten Room

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Should I decorate my washroom for Christmas?

Xmas Decorating - The Forgotten Room

When you think of Xmas decorating, a few things come to mind. Perhaps you have a Santa welcome mat in the foyer or a beautifully-lit fiber optic wreath hung above a staircase or entranceway.

This Xmas, don't be afraid to extend the holidays into other areas of your home. Hang a wreath on the door or purchase mini Xmas trees (fiber optic ones are battery-operated and inexpensive) to add some seasonal flair! The mini Xmas trees can be placed in any room of your house and spruce up any room.

Other ideas include: Replacing traditional photographs and paintings with Xmas scenes, placing Xmas-themed soap by the bathroom sink and maybe even replacing the shower curtain (just for the holiday season) with something more festive.



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