Fashion and the Fake Christmas Tree

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How do I know the artificial Christmas tree I choose will be right for my home?

Fashion and the Fake Christmas Tree

Have you ever been shopping and spotted what you thought was the perfect piece of art, or a piece of furniture that would finally complete your interior look? The same thing happens to people with the artificial tree. Picture it: You're walking down the street, hands deep in your pockets, a light frost reveals your breath. A warm store decorated in rich, classy Christmas decorations beckons you within. Inside, the smell of scented nutmeg candles makes you smile. You blink once and then again. Suddenly you see them ... dozens of artificial Christmas trees in every shape and size. Each one is a sight to behold, but your eyes settle on “the one.” You're positive it will be perfect for your living space and you buy it on the spot, no questions asked.

Uh oh. Once home, the tree doesn't have the same allure. It's a beautiful tree, but you didn't take your space into consideration. The tree might be too big or too small. Maybe it overwhelms the room, or looks like a shell of its true self in your home. Unfortunately, that's oftentimes the reality of impulse shopping. The best way to avoid this kind of disappointment and hassle involved with returning the tree to the store, is to do a little pre-planning.

  1. Determine where you're going to place your artificial tree before shopping.
  2. Measure the height of the ceiling. Do you want your tree to reach for the sky, or would you prefer something a little shorter?
  3. Take into account your furniture, room for gifts, entertainment space around the tree, etc.
  4. Consider your home décor before buying a designer tree. You want your artificial Christmas tree choice to align with your tastes.
  5. Consider purchasing your artificial Christmas tree online for more variety.



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