Stick Trees for Non-Residential Locations

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What would I use a black withered artificial Christmas tree for?

Stick Trees for Non-Residential Locations

While many people are learning how convenient a fake Christmas tree can be, they shouldn't forget that these trees can work great at the office or other non-residential locations.

Pre-lit stick trees are a great choice when decorating for the holidays in the corporate world. In fact, the unassuming, yet stunning aesthetic of the tree makes it a good choice for restaurants, theaters, upscale shops, hotels and resorts.

Picture the bold lines and modern landscape in today's corporate spaces and then try to imagine a series of strategically-placed, traditional fake Christmas trees. Doesn't work, does it? Replace that image with the cool sophistication and graceful lines of a black artificial tree. No pines, no boughs, no fake leaves. Just simple lines and elegant lighting.

These fake Christmas trees bring a great deal of richness to the décor without costing a lot of money. In fact, you can get a full 5 foot tree for under $120. Not a bad deal, considering that a fake Christmas tree can double as traditional décor any time of the year.



11/28/2008 2:54:51 AM
jackie Chappell said:

I love these stick trees but mine is faulty - where can I buy a new one?


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