The Good Scents of an Artificial Christmas Tree

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How can I bring the smells of Christmas back into my home if I purchase an artificial Christmas tree?

The Good Scents of an Artificial Christmas Tree

Faced with the prospect of ditching that cut-tree for an artificial tree, a lot of people complain that it won't smell the same and it's true. Unless, that is, you purchase one of the many pine-scented sprays on the market. A quick spritz to your white Christmas tree before the guests arrive won't fool anybody, but it might let you hang on to the nostalgia of Christmas past. Also, no matter what the marketing campaign has to say, sprays typically don't last very long. So, unless you want to spend your evening surreptitiously spraying pine scent all over the place (and possibly onto your guests' food and clothing), you might want to rethink that option.

When you purchase a tree, you're getting a realistic-looking tree that looks good in the light of day, and under the glow of lights in the evening. To recapture that good old-fashioned Christmas spirit, try lighting scented candles to fill your home and your heart with memories. Don't overdo it! Consider any allergies or bronchial problems that your family or friends may have, and make sure to purchase higher-end, good quality candles. Look for cranberry, nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate or candy cane scented candles. Use your imagine and think beyond traditional pine scents.



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