Christmas Garland for the Birds

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How can I reuse or recycle my Christmas garland this year?

Christmas Garland for the Birds

This year, when buying garland, buy the real stuff to wrap around outside staircases. A little bit of pine boughs will go a long way. When you're finished with the garland, you can always add honey or some other sticky substance that bird seed will stick to. In the cold winter months when the birds are looking for sustenance, they'll welcome that string of seed covered garland in your backyard.

In the cold winter months, a typical bird diet of insects is hard to come by. They rely on seed production from trees, grasses, and wild flowers, but when the winter is harsh, these things are often impossible to find. Recycling your Christmas garland by turning it into a bird feeding station is the perfect after-holiday solution.

To be able to watch and enjoy the array of birds you attract, place the garland/bird feeder in front of your living room window, if possible. Make sure to anchor the garland into the snow, or put it in a place where it won't get blown away by a strong wind. Draping the garland from a tree is another good option. Not sure what seed to use? Stick with sunflower or safflower seed and be generous! Coat the garland with a thick mixture of honey and add a lot of seed for the birds to enjoy this winter season.



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