The Christmas Tree Selection Process

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How can I reduce the chances of buying the wrong Christmas tree this year?

The Christmas Tree Selection Process

A winter scene of snow falling, cold wind whipping up tufts of cotton candy snow and smoke billowing from people's chimneys is a nice scene in theory, but not if you have to stand out in it for any length of time. If you're traipsing off to the woods to cut your own tree, or going to the closest Christmas tree vendor, dress warmly and don't forget to bring your patience. Picking the perfect Christmas tree might make you want to decorate with nothing but garland this year. Every tree on the lot looks the same and just when you think you've tagged the perfect tree, you look to your left and see another one that could be just right.

What's a person to do? Unless you've got a PhD in Christmas tree selection, it might be easier to stick with an artificial pre-lit Christmas tree. While you're at it, buy some fiber-optic garland, a wreath, and a couple of miniature Christmas trees for other rooms in your home! It's a lot warmer shopping for an artificial tree than a regular live tree, and the margin of error is significantly reduced. When shopping for an artificial tree, the salesperson can help you find the perfect one for your home, including the style, size, shape, width, color and price of the tree.



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