Colored Light Choices on a Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

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What are my choices for bulbs on a pre-lit tree?

Colored Light Choices on a Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

You can purchase a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree with a variety of light colors. The most popular color remains the one solid color choice of white or clear lights throughout the tree. Multi-colored pre-lit trees are the second most popular choice in pre-lit tree.

You don't have to limit yourself to picking from just a multi-colored tree or a tree lit with clear or white lights, you can pick other solid colors, as well. Though not as popular, you can purchase pre-lit artificial trees that have a solid color of lights in choices other than clear or white. For instance, there are pre-lit trees that have just blue lights throughout.

You may also find a tree with only red or green lights throughout. Start by doing an Internet search for the specific type of tree and colored bulbs you are looking for.



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