Withered Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

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What is a withered stick fiber optic tree?

Withered Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

If you are looking for yet another unique fiber optic tree to adorn your home this Christmas, perhaps you should consider a withered stick fiber optic Christmas tree this season.

This cool tree is different than any other fiber optic Christmas tree in that it has the appearance of sticks instead of the typical branches covered with needles. You will have your choice of white or black branches and white or colored fiber optic lights. They also come in a variety of sizes for your home. You can find trees like this at LEDTrees.com and in many other retail stores both online and in your community.

You may be wondering what to do with a tree such as this during Christmas. If you dare, you can use this type of tree in place of your regular Christmas tree. If you would rather use a traditional Christmas tree that is fiber optic or pre-lit, you can still decorate with a withered stick fiber optic tree. These neat trees look great displayed in a window or sitting near the fireplace in your home. You can even display it in your entry way for your guests to enjoy as they enter your home. A withered stick fiber optic tree is such a neat thing to have for Christmas!



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